Frequently Asked Modifications Questions

Common Questions During the Home Plan Modification Process

Below is a list of frequently asked questions and answers to assist in your house plan search. Click on your question to view the answer. You can also learn more by visiting our Modifications page or by contacting us.

  • What is included in the modification estimate?

    When you submit your request for an estimate, our designers will calculate the cost to make all of the changes you requested to the plan. Within 2-3 business days we will email you with a modification cost estimate. This email will contain the total estimated cost for the modification; your plan package choices with pricing; any requested standard plan options with pricing; an estimated time frame for your modification, and an itemized breakdown of your requested plan changes. The modification cost is separate from the price of the original plan package or any standard plan options. Our staff would be happy to assist you in determining which plan package and options will best suit your needs. The quote you receive will be valid for 30 days.
  • I received an estimate with the modifications itemized. Can I elect to only have some of them done?

    Yes. When we receive your modification request we price each item separately, allowing you to decide whether to proceed with all modifications or pick and choose the ones that are most important to you and fit your budget. Our minimum fee to do plan modifications is $1,200.
  • How can I be sure that the modifications being done match my intentions?

    We communicate closely with our clients through all stages of the modification process via email, over the phone, and visually using PDF illustrations of the changes. You will have many opportunities to see drawings or sketches of your requested changes and the opportunity to have them changed and refined if needed before the final working drawings are completed. At every stage our designers seek your approval before moving forward to ensure that the final outcome will match your vision.
  • What types of modifications can be done?

    Really, just about any change can be accommodated through modifications. See our list of the most commonly-requested changes, but please realize that this is simply a starting point. If there are changes you want that you don't see listed and would like to find out more, you may submit an on-line modifications request. We do not modify our plans to meet local climatic or geographical design criteria.
  • How long does it take to receive my plans?

    Once your submit an online modifications request the modification estimate email will give you an approximate time frame. The time needed to complete modifications varies depending on the plan, the extent of the changes, and how quickly the customer approves the changes.
  • What if I like more than one plan?

    We suggest that you select the plan that is closest to your perfect plan and submit an online modifications request. Once we have a starting point and a list of your desired changes, our staff can direct you to a more appropriate plan if necessary. You also have the option to submit multiple online modification requests, one for each plan you are considering. Our customer service staff is here to help if needed.

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