The Don Gardner Design Difference

Customer satisfaction is our driving purpose, whether you are a homeowner or a builder.

A big part of that is giving people the designs they want—giving them options. At Donald A. Gardner Architects, we have more than 1,000 home design plans to choose from, and we stay in touch with consumer and industry trends to make sure we are on the leading edge of the home plans people are looking for. We create timeless house plans with the lasting ability to meet the needs of today's homeowners. That's why we have been able to serve happy homeowners all over the world since 1978.

The elements of our home designs are creative, distinctive and functional:

Open Floor Plans
Even in the smallest floor plans, wide open space creates a flowing, spacious feeling and promotes accessibility between living spaces.

Flexible Living Spaces
We understand each homeowner has different needs. To meet a variety of expectations, we offer flexible living spaces—such as studies and bonus rooms—which are a necessity for many customers, and ensure that the home will accommodate a variety of needs.

Outdoor Living Areas
We consider every view of your home, including the outdoors. Well-planned outdoor living areas are a must. These spaces may be as simple as a covered porch, or as complex as a screened porch with summer kitchen and fireplace that leads to an extended patio with spa.

Work Spaces Designed for Families
Gone are the days of the “hallway" utility room bridging the gap between the garage and the kitchen. Modern utility rooms, sometimes called Family Studios, offer homeowners a more spacious and effective area to do laundry and other household work. These well-appointed spaces often combine a typical utility room with a mud room, and provide space for activities or hobbies ranging from flower arranging to crafts to pet care. Many of our homes have e-spaces in the kitchen, or adjacent to the kitchen, to allow a convenient space for a computer/desk location – whether it's for the kids to do homework while the parents are in the kitchen or to quickly access those receipts online or pay bills while meals are in the oven cooking.

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