Advanced House Plans Search

Donald A. Gardner Architects is committed to helping you find your dream home plan, and to providing you with tools to make your floor plans search easier. Our advanced house plans search tool offers you over 1200 home designs from which to choose, and dozens of house plan styles such as small, Craftsman, bungalow, modern farmhouse, and many more.

Be sure and check out our Resources section to learn important information to assist you in your house plans search and buying process. You can also view our video tutorials that were created to assist you in learning how to access many of the features found on our home plans website. Don’t forget to create your free myDAG account where you can save and compare your house plans selections for future viewing.

You will find thousands of house plans with photos featured throughout the Don Gardner site. The home plans with photos can be viewed by rooms, exteriors only and/or specific house plan. Let us know how your home plan search is going and don’t forget that you can contact us anytime for assistance.

Advanced Home Plan Search

Are You Looking for Custom Home Plans?

At Donald A. Gardner Architects, you can jump start your home plan search with a powerful, free home plan search tool. Browse our database of more than 1,100 home designs based on the size in square footage or the number of bedrooms; look for home designs in your preferred style; or get our recommendations for the best house plans for your needs.

As a leading residential design firm, we offer more styles of homes and more features than anyone else in the industry — in an easy-to-use search database.

A few of the home styles you'll find in our directory of floor plans include:

How Do I Create My Own Dream House Online?

Choose homes with up to six bedrooms, six full baths and four half-baths spread across as many as four stories. Whether you're searching for small house plans for urban lots or large estates for the suburbs or the country, you will find a plan to bring your dream home to life.

Select from additional features that many homeowners want. These include corner lots, island kitchens, mud rooms, great rooms, sunrooms and open-concept homes. Choose what style foundation you'd like as well as the home garage location — attached, detached, carport or none.

The basic search function is a powerful place to start your floor plan search because you can see a wide range of possibilities. By exploring what is available, you can start to narrow your criteria and focus on what you really want out of your dream home. With advanced search, you can look for only top home plans that match your criteria.

View matching home plans with photographs that bring the plan to life for you. There is nothing like seeing a completed home with furniture, lighting and landscaping to help homeowners evaluate homes, find the perfect fit and move forward with confidence.

Why You Should Customize Your Dream Home Plan

We sell beautiful custom dream house plans with all different types of modifications available. We know everyone has different tastes. Some preferences are aesthetic, such as wanting a detached garage, but others may be necessary. For instance, you may need to accommodate an aging parent by adding a first-floor bedroom. Having the flexibility to execute these changes is at your fingertips — it's what makes our dream home floor plans a dream to work with.

When you buy a new home, it should have every feature you desire — you shouldn't compromise on something you really want. This may be your only chance to build a home. A dream home is a place you'll stay in for decades to come. Your dream floor plans should include everything you could ever imagine you would want in a house.

We make customizing your dream home design easy. You can modify any of our plans to fit your vision, and we'll work with you do discuss what the modifications mean for the rest of the floor plan. Throughout the process, we'll take your input and make your customized adjustments.

Our plans include options for many things home buyers want but may not realize they can get when they purchase dream house floor plans online. A few things you may want to consider include:

  • A customized mud room where your children can store their sports, outdoor and school gear
  • An enclosed sunroom where you can enjoy family time any time of the year
  • A walk-in pantry where you can stock up on items and see your selection

Every family is different. There may be things you want that others don't need. Why settle for living in a home built for someone else? You want yours tailored to your preferences. Customizing your plans offers the rare opportunity to seek what you want in a home proactively. When you purchase your dream house floor plans, you're buying for the foreseeable future — make it look the way you want by customizing what you receive.

Why Use Our House Plan Search Tool?

At Donald A. Gardner Architects, we enjoy helping clients in all phases of their new home search.

If you are looking for a new home and are not sure what is right for you, this tool can help you figure out what's available. It is much easier to search for homes using our search tool than to browse real estate listings looking for homes you like.

People often come to us when considering building a new home. They may feel overwhelmed by the options and unsure of their next steps. Our floor plan search tool guides their decision-making processes.

Builders and contractors rely on our tool to guide remodels and new construction services. Working collaboratively with clients, they can determine what the client wants most in a home, and then work from plans to build or remodel the home.

Why Choose Donald A. Gardner Architects?

At Donald A. Gardner Architects, we offer more choices. Not only do we have over 1,100 home plans, we can customize any plan with additional features. We have created more unique layouts to fit specific needs. For instance, adding custom closet space for more storage or providing mobility enhancements to support aging in place. We can also accommodate your preferred style choice whether it's Cape Cod, Craftsman, mid-century or contemporary.

We're good at what we do. We've been in business for more than 40 years, and we've built a reputation for reliability and honesty. Business clients and home buyers alike trust our expertise in home design. Other reasons to purchase your dream home floor plans from Don Gardner include:

  • Outstanding quality: We have high standards, and we know our clients do too. We'll deliver quality work that meets your needs.
  • Low-price guarantee: Our plans cost less than going to a local architect to have blueprints drawn up.
  • Ability to customize: You can make changes to our plans and discuss the best options for your needs. Our modification request process is fast, simple and accessible.
  • Transparency: You'll see your pricing upfront. We'll work with you so that you understand everything that's happening with your plans.
  • Top-notch customer service: Do you have questions about the browsing or purchasing process for your custom dream house plans? Give us a call or reach out online to discuss the next steps or ask about our many home styles.

Start your home plan search today using the sliders. Set the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, half-baths and home stories. Tick off any additional features that you want in your home, then browse search results. For more information on available plans or help with the search tool, Contact us.

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